Seeking Commercial Construction Superintendents to work with Commercial Projects that may include Government Healthcare projects, Schools, Industrial and more

Detailed Work Activities:

  • Schedule and coordinate all subcontractors and building activities.
  • Monitor quality.
  • Administer weekly job-site meetings.
  • Take complete responsibility for overall project schedule.
  • Produce daily field reports.
  • Prepare safety reports and monitor safety compliance.
  • Read or understand construction specifications and plans.
  • Direct and coordinate activities of workers or trades.
  • Inspect project operations to determine specification compliance.
  • Read work order, instructions, formulas, or processing charts.
  • Resolve or assist workers in resolving work problems.
  • Establish work goals and motivate workers to achieve work goals.
  • Prepare reports.

Tasks Include:

  • Analyzes and resolves worker problems and recommend motivational plans
  • Records information, such as personnel, production, and operational data, on specified forms and reports.
  • Directs and leads workers engaged in construction activities.
  • Trains workers in construction methods and operation of equipment.
  • Locates, measures, and marks location and placement of structures and equipment.
  • Coordinates with staff and worker to ensure production and personnel problems are resolved.
  • Analyzes and plans installation and construction of equipment and structures.
  • Supervises and coordinates activities of construction trades workers.
  • Examines and inspects work progress, equipment and construction sites to verify safety and ensure that specifications are met.
  • Recommends measures to improve production methods and equipment performance to increase efficiency and safety.
  • Reads specifications, such as blueprints and data, to determine construction requirements.